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Our company is your most reliable Decorative Concrete service in the area. With over 10 years of experience in commercial and residential concrete we can help you change you existing or new concrete into art! We specialize in a broad range of Staining, Stamping, Scoring, Engraving Concrete and Decorative Landscape Borders. We understand that each concrete slab is unique and has its own design. So we have to work harder for our client to achieve the look they want for their decorative concrete..

PJL Concrete, LLC. specializes in residential and commercial:

  • Stamped Concrete
  • Stained Concrete
  • Landscape Borders
  • Concrete Curbing
  • Vertical Concrete Walls
  • Retaining Walls

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Concrete driveway repair is the process of concrete replacement, resurfacing, or replacing cracks and deteriorating materials in concrete driveways. Most driveways with these flaws may require a complete driveway replacement. A concrete driveway will last for 15-25 years, but improper concrete driveway installation can result in cracks, divots, discoloration, settlement, and scaling. These imperfections are the result of an improperly built foundation and concrete slab, exposure to severe weather conditions, or poor concrete mixing.

Driveway paving is the process of designing, building, and constructing a driveway. Driveway paver experts have the skills, experience, and education to ensure the structure will last. They use heavy-duty construction equipment to properly prepare the subgrade giving the slab a solid and secure surface to rest upon.

The concrete driveway repair or replacement procedure depends on the condition of the concrete slab and the budget of the homeowners. Most concrete pads with moderate to severe damage will require complete driveway replacement as patching techniques are short-lived and can end up costing the homeowner more money over the long-run.